Design Process

How does the Custom Jewellery Process Work?

Step 1: Find a Design

To begin the process a perspective client will find a design that they desire to have. The designers at Fire & Ice can assist with this by creating some drawings or finding sample photos to help the customer explain their idea. Many people come in with pictures from the Fire & Ice portfolio or the Internet.

Step 2: Quote & Prototype

Once the ring design is finalized a price will be quoted for all the work to be done. From there we will either start an AutoCad drawing to create a wax prototype using our CNC mill or 3D printer. If need be the wax prototype will be carved by hand to the specifications of a desired design. This wax is made to scale to fit the customer’s finger size and to accept any stones that will be set. At this point the client will have a good idea of what the final product is going to look like, and can request any alterations or changes to their design if needed.

Step 3: Approval & Completion

Upon the customer’s approval of the wax, we begin the casting process to turn the wax into the metal specified. After casting the gold or silver item will be cleaned, sanded and polished to perfection so the stone setting or hand engraving process can begin.
Stone setting and, or hand engraving is the final stage of the manufacturing process. One last inspection of the product is done including a second polishing and cleaning before photographs are taken and finally the presentation to the customer for pick-up.